PostMap 00°02 16' 8.2013'’ - eagleowl

Summer School Eagleowl Postcard.jpg
Summer School Eagleowl Postcard.jpg

PostMap 00°02 16' 8.2013'’ - eagleowl


summerschool e.p.

1. summerschool (radio edit)

2. summerschool (james e scott remix)

3. summerschool (wow & flutter’s 'sick in the meadows' remix)

4. summerschool (album version)

Each postcard comes with a code with which to download the tracks.

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Our lowercase post-folk heroes quietly released this postcard EP at the Green Man Festival over the summer.  It sold in the thousands, and each customer was asked to keep their purchase a secret … until now.  

’summerschool', taken from the band’s debut album, this silent year, is a true gem;  Bart and Clarissa’s lilting vocals duet over a sepia-tinted waltz. The line “I spent the summer on your bed” will give you some idea of the extracurricular activities going on here.

The postcard features a radio edit of the song along with the full length album version, and two stunning remixes - one a woozy, slowcore dream courtesy of James E Scott (from Conquering Animal Sound), and the other an expansive reverb-soaked bass freakout from Wow & Flutter.  Entrancing stuff.