PostMap 00°01 16' 8.2013’’ - Lost Map Records

Lost map postcard.jpg
Lost map postcard.jpg

PostMap 00°01 16' 8.2013’’ - Lost Map Records


PostMap 00°1 16' 8.2013’’ -  Lost Map Records

1. Rozi Plain - See My Boat (Alexis Taylor remix)

2. Monoganon - Easterhouse

3. Randolph’s Leap - Black & Blue

4. The Pictish Trail - Wait Until (Jonnie Common remix)

5. Kid Canaveral - What We Don’t Talk About

6. eagleowl - not over

7. Seamus Fogarty - By The Waterside


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A seven track sampler from each of the artists on the Lost Map roster - a braw wee introduction to the label.  You can download this compilation for free if you sign-up to our mailing list (click here) … but if you’d like the postcard version as a momento, you can buy it here for only £1, plus 50p* postage.