PostMap 00°10 16'6.2014" - Kid Canaveral

Kid Canaveral Skeletons postcard.jpg
Kid Canaveral Skeletons postcard.jpg

PostMap 00°10 16'6.2014" - Kid Canaveral



Original taken from the album 'Now That You Are A Dancer'

1. Radio Edit
2. Carbs Remix
3. ADKVY Remix
4. Akira Remix
5. Synaesthete Remix
6. Album Version

Each postcard comes with a code with which to download the tracks.

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Hi there,

Very excited to tell you about our new Skeletons EP, out today on digital download postcard featuring exclusive remixes from Carbs, Synaesthete, Akira (Randolph's Leap's Andrew MacLellan) and ADKVY (none other than Gal, sound engineer for both Shouting at Wildlife and Now That You Are a Dancer). They've all done a bloomin' amazing job at re-imagining the song in 4 totally different ways. Available NOW in the Lost Map Shop. 

If you haven't already then do check out the 'Skeletons' video. Rose came up with the idea and Richie Morgan made it happen. It was really fun to make and not one of us had a terrible allergic reaction to the flourescent facepaint. WIN. 

This will be the final single from 'Now That You Are a Dancer' - We'll be finishing up with a few more live dates over the summer and then knuckling down to work on some new material. Thanks to everyone for voting for the album in the SAY Awards. Unfortunately we didn't make the short list of 10 but 1 out of 20 ain't half bad and we really, really appreciate all your support.

Bye for now,

Kate xx