PostMap 00°05 28’10.2013” - Kid Canaveral

Kid canaveral - a compromise postcard.jpg
Kid canaveral - a compromise postcard.jpg

PostMap 00°05 28’10.2013” - Kid Canaveral


A Compromise E.P. 

1. A Compromise (album version)
2. A Compromise (radio edit)
3. Low Winter Sun (Kid Canaverowl version)
4. The Wrench (GFR remix)

Each postcard comes with a code with which to download the tracks.

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The exhilarating shoe-gaze closer to Kid Canaveral’s sophomore album, Now That You Are A Dancer, gets the postcard treatment here.  On the album, ‘A Compromise’ clocks in at over 7 minutes - filled with wailing feedback guitars, anthemic hollering and relentless disco drums.  The radio edit compromises on track length, but not on ooooomph.  It’s a belter of a tune, this.

Both versions of the song come packaged with two other reworked cuts from the album. ‘The Wrench’ has been given an electro-workout by GFR, which i’m told stands for Giant Fighting Robot.   … and  ‘Low Winter Sun’ has been lovingly fondled by label-mates, eagleowl - who have joined forces with the Kids to create ‘Kid Canaverowl’.  Listen to Rose Canaveral’s vocals, Malcolm Owl’s bleating violin, and start getting excited about Xmas Baubles.