PostMap 00°06 16'12.2013" - Seamus Fogarty


PostMap 00°06 16'12.2013" - Seamus Fogarty


God Damn You Mountain (bonus tracks)

  1. The Wind (Geese remix)

  2. The Undertaker's Daughter (Pictish Trail remix)

  3. The Evening Lay Down Upon Us (Live Session)

  4. God Damn You Mountain (Sea Fog remix)

  5. Appletrees (Live Session)

  6. Rita Jack's Lament (Sea Fog remix)

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This postcard collects all the tracks featured on the bonus disc for Seamus Fogarty's reissued debut album, God Damn You Mountain.   There are six remixes/live-reworkings - one by London experimental string duo Geese (who have performed with James Yorkston and Adem, and recently remixed for Hot Chip, Robert Wyatt and Jon Hopkins) one by The Pictish Trail, and four by Seamus himself.