PostMap 01°07 22'05.2016" - Pictish Trail

Pictish Trail Far Gone Postcard.jpg
Pictish Trail Far Gone Postcard.jpg

PostMap 01°07 22'05.2016" - Pictish Trail


Pictish Trail - Far Gone

1. Far Gone (Don't Leave)

2. The Wolf Is On The Hill

First single from Pictish Trail's third album, Future Echoes. B side "The Wolf Is On The Hill" is available exclusively with purchases of the postcard!

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Something of a sonic hermit, Pictish Trail has spent the past few years tucked away in his caravan on the Hebridean isle of Eigg, feverishly working on the follow up to Secret Soundz Vol. 1&2, his critically-acclaimed double album of DIY electronic folk-tinged croft pop, released in 2014. Now Spring has sprung, Pictish has emerged with a new clutch of songs, his most confident and accomplished sounding yet.

FAR GONE (Don't Leave) : “This track is a tip of the hat to Fargo, my favourite film (and favourite telly series now). The song is about paranoia, the fear of being caught, and how that pushes people into desperate situations. I started writing it for a Coen Brothers tribute show that I took part in a few years ago. I think the organisers expected me to cover a song from a Coen Brothers soundtrack, but instead I decided to use a sample inspired by the theme tune from the Fargo film and add a hip hop beat, a raspy Casio keyboard bassline and a reverb-soaked melody.”

THE WOLF IS ON THE HILL: "The b-side is a track recorded with my me(n)tal Eigg-band, The Massacre Cave. It's a cover of a song by Beck, written for his Song Reader project.  It was one of our favourites to play live, and so we recorded a version up on the island - sounds braw!"