PostMap 01°09 21'10.2016" - Ed Dowie

Ed Dowie - Yungpawel postcard.jpg
Ed Dowie - Yungpawel postcard.jpg

PostMap 01°09 21'10.2016" - Ed Dowie


Ed Dowie - Yungpawel

Debut single from Ed Dowie.  Comes with bonus track, 'Sodium Bicarbonate' available exclusively with purchases of the postcard!

You can purchase the postcard for £2 + postage.

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With the release of his debut single for the label, the majestic ‘Yungpawel’, it gives Lost Map Records great pleasure to welcome maestro of kaleidoscopic odd-pop Ed Dowie to the roster. Released on October 21, 2016 as a PostMap postcard single, it’s the first track to be previewed from Ed’s utterly beguiling debut album The Uncle Sold, which is due in January 2017.

A slowly crashing wave of heavy-hearted electronica with ethereal yet understated vocals summoning the spirit of Robert Wyatt and Arthur Russell, it’s a song about “a couple of very good friends of mine who sort of represent an ideal of how it’s possible to be,” says Ed, “inspiring, intelligent, active, self-aware, conscious, caring”.


  1. Yungpawel
  2. Sodium Bicarbonate