PostMap 03°06 07'12.2018" - Firestations

Far Future Morning Front Cover.jpg
Far Future Morning Front Cover.jpg

PostMap 03°06 07'12.2018" - Firestations


Firestations - ‘Far Future Morning’

Released 7th December 2018. Printed postcard, with download code for music.

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  1. Far Future Morning

  2. Blue Marble (The Leaf Library remix)

  3. Blue Marble (Sunken version)

Far Future Morning Front Cover.jpg

Far Future Morning’ is the latest single to be released from London five-piece Firestations’ second album The Year Dot, arriving as a PostMap postcard, digital download and via all major streaming services on December 7, 2018. The B-side features two different remixes of the song ‘Blue Marble’, one by drone-pop band The Leaf Library (WIAIWYA Records) and another “sunken” version from the band themselves. The artwork is a unique conceptual piece from Chin Keeler of celebrated art duo Keeler Tornero.

“A while ago I got fairly obsessed with the blog Wait But Why,” says Firestations singer/songwriter Mike Cranny, on the subject of the genesis of ‘Far Future Morning’. “There is this great article on there looking at why some people think being cryogenically frozen after you die is an excellent idea. Blend that with the Queen song ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’, throw in a few episodes of Futurama and hey presto you get this number. Plus it has flugelhorn.”

The postcard’s artwork was designed by close friend (and former band member) Chin Keeler. Listening to Far Future Morning 45 times, Chin made marks synchronised to the beats in the bar - roughly  38,880 marks in total - forming a kind of impressionistic song diagram. He says: "the repetition made the words and sounds take on different forms - a bit like staring at a leaf for a long time, the colours and shapes changing in front of your eyes. It became a form of meditation." 

Firestations are Mike Cranny, Laura Copsey, Martin Thompson, Giles Littleford and Tom Hargreaves. They write lyrical alt-pop songs filtered through joyous surges of collective noise-making and bursts of electronic sound from synths and guitars. On The Year Dot, Firestations have refined and expanded on their shared obsession – sketching simple pop songs then painting over them with drones, vocal harmonies, electronica and unusual rhythms.

“We spent a lot of time obsessing over making it a really absorbing listen” says Mike, “it’s a distillation of dreaming away the days on the outskirts, flickering between dead-end admin jobs, depression, writing lyrics on my phone, running through local woods, recording drums in industrial units, periods of hopelessness and moments of joy.”