PostMap Club

We’ve started a new club, where we send you postcards, every month. PostMap Club! Would you like to join our club?

Of course you would. But, what do you get? Let us tell you …

  • Postcards, obviously. At least 2 sent to your door at the end of every month - containing download codes for a mixture of brand new music on Lost Map, alongside a random selection from our archives.

  • Membership badge (with a new badge for every year of your subscription!)

  • Monthly newsletter, with hot goss / farmyard shite.

  • Discounts on other Lost Map releases, merchandise and gigs.

We’ll be sending out postcard packages to all club members at the end of each month.

What is this club about?! Well, over the years, a lot of folk have asked how they can help support us as a label - and we didn’t want to do a ‘Donate’ button thing, cos that’s boring. We wanted to offer a service, a way to get our latest releases to you, as well as an opportunity to get first dibs on other Lost Map stuff. If you can afford to pay us £3 or £5 a month, then you’re helping us do our thing.

The music released through PostMap Club won’t necessarily be exclusive - most of it we’ll make available through commercial digital channels such as Spotify, BandCamp, Apple Music, all those kinda places. Each of the postcards in the series will also be available for people to purchase separately, at £2. Ultimately, we want our artists to reach as wide an audience as possible. But there’ll be the occasional exclusive track, and we promise to be very good to you, as loyal members. We’ll be keeping track of what we send you, so you’ll receive no duplicates during your membership.


We’ve got two tiers of membership. Regular Brew (£3 + postage, per month), or Gold Blend (£5 + postage, per month). See below for postage rates. Both memberships entitle you to the EXACT same stuff. Except if you sign up for a Gold Blend membership, the badge you get is just a wee bit bigger. That’s literally the only difference.

Membership Tier:

Further Information


Payment will be processed automatically each month. You can unsubscribe or choose to upgrade/downgrade your membership plan at any time.


UK orders: £0.60 per month
European orders: £1.50 per month
ROW orders: £1.60 per month