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Our view from the merch bit (again)

Poor Thungs <3

Back home after a 4 million hour drive. O dear

Making friend club packs at my kitchen table

sending the first batch of friendclub packs out, but first we took a photo

Alex and Laura's dog Peggy. I loved this dog so much, but it turns out I am allergic to it. IS THERE NO SUCH THING AS PURE INNOCENT JOY IN LIFE >:'(

Oh god look at its face and then Julie's face and then Peggy's face and then Julie's face. ohhhhhhhh!

Final photo of Iain trying on my jacket. He should have kept it. It looks really good on him. One for his modelling portfolio.

oh wait no, a final final photo of Julie with candle wax on her face and hands before going to see Dune: The Musical in edinburgh. (She was trying to look like the Baron). Ew.

Oh wait, we found some photos from Julie's phone from the French tour and other things. Look.

This friendly cat wanted to be petted, it looks like I'm holding it hostage but it actually wanted to be there.

It's us beside a pool in France.

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