Hullo there. The Pictish Trail, here.  Welcome to Lost Map … where Eigg marks the spot.

(apologies for that terrible pun)

Jings, we’ve been on our collective journey for more than a year.  Over that time we’ve signed up 2 new bands, released 3 albums, as well as 3 repressings, 2 singles, an EP, 12 audio-postcards, 3 hidden cassettes, 3 bobble hats and a t-shirt;  we’ve hosted our own 3-day festival, put on showcase tours, all-day events, Xmas Baubles, club nights and various launch parties.  If you’ve purchased any of our music, or attended any of our live events over the past year, then you are the recipient of our warmest thanks.  We love you, very much. 

And where are we now?  Well, our current location is Lost & Found - a brand new section of the website, where we plan to dig up and show off our collective treasures.   Expect a series of weird wee MixMap podcasts, semi-regular goofball photo-diaries, and hairy clippings of Lost Map gossip.

The first yield is a new Lost Map label sampler - featuring rare and exclusive tracks from each member of the collective.  The sampler also provides the soundtrack to a short film about Howlin’ Fling! festival, taken by our good pals The Forest Of Black.

Lost Map Sampler #2

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