MixMap #1: Music to Be Murdered by


By Bartholomew Owl

When eagleowl first appeared, it was just myself and Malcolm. I had just moved to Edinburgh and when we met a friendship was quickly forged from a mutual love of Talking Heads and cult horror cinema.

Obviously starting eagleowl was a healthy outlet for our interest in off-filter, high-brow, experimental - yet accessible - pop music. But what about our love for giallo and exploitation movies? A dark heart burnt deep within us - a sleeping beast, waiting to be unleashed.

On 6th June 2006, the beast awakened. It was the first show by 'Our Ladies of Sorrow' - the evil twin sister of eagleowl. A celebration of Italian Horror cinema, its lurid imagery, and even more lurid soundtrack, with a nod to Morricone, Nicolai, Alessandroni, and - most importantly - synth-prog pioneers Goblin.

After that it was hard to keep the beast at bay, and so the band reformed just once a year, on Hallowe'en night, for an evening of terror - soon garnering a cult following. (But an actual cult. It was a bit weird.)

Our refusal to allow things to go 'stale' or repeat ourselves is matched only by our reluctance to write new material. And so Our Ladies of Sorrow has lay dormant for the last few years. Rumours and murmurings have surfaced, but never been realised... 

UNTIL NOW! And the Lost Map/Irregular Owl Movements Hallowe'en bash, which will see Our Ladies… resurrected to take the stage in an evening of mirth and mayhem alongside Tuff Love, Archie Bronson Outfit, River of Slime, Operator and a host of ghoulish guest DJs.

I am very excited. Hallowe'en is like my Christmas, and so we've spent the last month or so reworking the songs, planning and making costumes, watching a bunch of horror films and pulling together the visuals. Its going to be quite an event. And if you miss out, that fact will stay to haunt you forever…

and ever….

and ever…..