Martha Ffion - 'Kennedy Hair'


Martha Ffion - 'Kennedy Hair'


Martha Ffion - ‘Kennedy Hair’

Cat #: PostMap Club 001

Released: 25th January 2019

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Lost Map Records are delighted to welcome a return to the label for exquisitely talented Glasgow-based Irish singer-songwriter Claire McKay, AKA Martha Ffion. The supremely melodious standalone PostMap postcard single ‘Kennedy Hair’ (released digitally January 18 and physically on January 25) follows her debut release for the label, ‘No Applause’, way back in 2015. She swiftly went on to sign to respected Welsh independent label Turnstile, before releasing several further critically-acclaimed singles and EPs, and in 2018, her Scottish Album of the Year Award nominated debut album Sunday Best. ‘Kennedy Hair’ marks not only Claire’s full-circle return to Lost Map, but appropriately, also the first release in the label’s brand new PostMap Club – a subscription service allowing fans to help support the label on an on-going basis in return for regular collectible postcard releases, exclusive content, merchandise and discounts.

“I wrote ‘Kennedy Hair’ after the Brexit referendum result,” explains Claire of her new single, “when Nigel Farage said it was ‘Britain’s Independence Day’ and that we should all be out celebrating. I was wallowing and feeling resentful towards all the politicians of the hour who are manipulating the truth/people to an extraordinary degree for personal gain. There’s a bit in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang decide that Dennis should run for a government position because he has “Kennedy hair” and will therefore impress voters. I thought that captured the message of the song wonderfully so it became the title.

“Musically, it was nice to be more playful. I wanted the track to have a bit of a corny 'musical theatre' feel – with lots of different emotions and dynamics conveyed. Chris McCrory (who produced it) and I had fun with some 70s- Bowie-inspired production.”

Lost Map’s PostMap Club launches in January 2019, with subscribers being sent a postcard of Martha Ffion’s ‘Kennedy Hair’, alongside a release by Savage Mansion (AKA Martha Ffion’s guitarist, Craig Angus), as well as another postcard from the label archive, a membership badge and newsletter. Full details on club membership can be found here: