LOST CAT 007 - Devonanon (Tape)

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Devonanon Lost Cat Cassette 2.jpg
Devonanon Lost Cat Cassette and case 2.jpg
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LOST CAT 007 - Devonanon (Tape)



LIMITED EDITION cassette tape, with download code

Devonanon is the work of John B McKenna (Monoganon) and Richard Greenan (Devon Loch) - and this release is a joint effort from Lost Map and Kit Records.

City of All Times is a transportive collage of field recordings and songs recorded at various locations across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain and the UK.

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  1. Energy Gel, Ascent, Peloton
  2. Oslo
  3. Omnium
  4. I Know, Gemma
  5. Envelope Envy
  6. Sorgenfrivägen
  7. Barceloner
  8. Hermannplats
  9. Beaulieu

Assembled by the pianist Richard Greenan, AKA Devon Loch, and John B McKenna AKA Sweden- based Scottish indie-psych auteur Monoganon, City of All Times documents, among other things, climbing Gardnos Crater, catching the Viking Line from Stockholm to Turku, commuting in Neukölln, cycling across Hardangervidda plateau, meandering in Gracia and pall bearing in Beaulieu. Following the same spirit of collaboration and mutual appreciation in which it was created, the album is a joint release across both artists’ labels - NTS stalwarts and DIY sonic adventurers Kit Records, and those warm hearted Isle of Eigg residents Lost Map Records via their Lost Cat cassette series - resulting in a unique, collaborative piece of work under the moniker Devonanon.

After a chance meeting in 2014 following a Monoganon show in London, Richard and John struck up a long distance friendship, exchanging music and ideas over the course of two years. “I went to visit John in Malmö and we took lots of recordings for fun. Our sounds grew and started to form one cohesive piece of work. Visiting each other in different locations and sharing recordings felt like stumbling on some kind of frankenstein city. Which is reflected in the tape I think. We've never lived in the same place, but we're close”, says Richard.

The result is a web of chance impressions - overheard conversations, rural ambience and eavesdropped rehearsals captured on the fly yet weirdly interlocking, like a dizzying expanse of avenues and streets, country lanes and subways. A city where there is no homogenisation - just total existence, total cacophony, a total flowing of human ethnicities, tribes and gradations of awareness, consciousness and cruising. City of All Times has come from everywhere and nowhere, a joyful, sideways leap into the sprawl.