PRE-ORDER Molly Linen - Outside EP (10")

molly linen - outside ep cover.jpg
molly linen - outside ep cover.jpg

PRE-ORDER Molly Linen - Outside EP (10")

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Pre-order the debut EP, on limited edition 10” vinyl, with 5 new tracks, released Friday 4th October 2019.

All pre-orders will receive an email with a download for the track ‘Soft As Love’.

photo by Beth Chalmers

photo by Beth Chalmers



  1. When They Didn’t Care

  2. Waited Long

  3. Soft As Love


  1. Outside

  2. Away

Molly Linen is a songwriter and guitarist from the West Midlands, now based in Glasgow. She creates atmospheric, captivating and personal songs, led by melodic guitar lines and lulling yet hypnotic vocals, drawing influences from artists such as Devon Sproule and Nick Drake. Members of her band include Beth Chalmers, Caio Wheelhouse, Colin Campbell and Liam Chapman (who also drums with C Duncan). ‘Away’ and ‘Over That Hill’ were recorded by Ronan Fay at Green Door Studios in Glasgow. “‘Away’ touches on remembering some feelings of difference between myself and other people at a younger age,” Molly explains.