Tuff Love - Junk E.P. (10")

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JUNK EP cover.jpg
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Tuff Love - Junk E.P. (10")


The heart-stopping debut release from Glasgow's TUFF LOVE.

The Junk E.P. is pressed on limited edition 10" white vinyl, housed in a süper-glossy sleeve, with hand-drawn lyric sheet, and comes with a download code for each track.

LOST MAP CAT NO: GRAT 00°2 2'5.2014"

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Tuff Love are Julie Eisenstein (guitar), Suse Bear (bass) and Michael 'Beast' O'Hara (drums) - two girls and a dude from Glasgow who cut beautifully distorted guitar gems.  

Their debut, Junk EP, recorded in Suse's flat, is the sound of pure summer; dazzling, sun-streaked fuzz pop, with soft, burning melodies, and big smiling harmonies.  You'll be won over by the woozy vocals and fierce guitars of 'Sweet Discontent', by the crash and jangle of 'Flamingo', by the sweetly off-kilter 'Copper' and 'Poncho' with its crunchy riff and adorably awkward lines à la "Stranded in a car park with almost nothing on / I don't feel myself today / Would you give me a hand?".

The physical EP is a limited edition run, on 10" white vinyl - housed in a süper-shiny glossy sleeve, so immaculate you'll want to eat yer puddin' aff it.



  1. Sweet Discontent
  2. Flamingo


  1. Copper
  2. Poncho
  3. Penguin




“Glaswegian trio grab C86 fuzz pop by the scruff of the neck and  give it a damn good ruffing up round the back of the sweet shop. Delicious”. The Guardian

“Great college rock. It builds slowly, with jangly guitars beneath Julie Eisenstein’s dead-pan Kim Deal-esque vocals, before the fuzzy chorus drops. They look set to have a bright summer” NME

"Remember the first time you heard Franz Ferdinand or Glasvegas? Well, we reckon Tuff Love will be your new favourite band. ‘Flamingo' is Jesus and Mary Chain if they corrupted the Monkees.” Daily Record