Kid Canaveral






Kid Canaveral are four friends who make music together in Edinburgh, Scotland. With two albums behind them, Shouting At Wildlife (2010) and Now That You Are A Dancer (2013) the band have developed a recognisable sound that is characterised by sing-along choruses and tunes that make you what to jump around. They have a raw, ecstatic energy that shines through in their live shows as well as on record.

Now That You Are A Dancer is a shimmering gem of ADHD pop splendour.  The songs explore everyday heartbreak; 'Without A Backing Track' speaks with touching accuracy to the awkward teenager in every grown-up (and not so grown-up), and the frenetic 'The Wrench' is a work of bubblegum-core genius, if ever there was one. More tales of adult awkwardness are to be found in the jerky 'Who Would Want To Be Loved?', which is yet another display of the band’s lyrical prowess. Perhaps it’s appropriate that they host the yearly music extravaganza, Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles, since their songs jangle and shine with more pomp than a decorated tree.

They have toured extensively over the years, covering much ground, including the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada. They have been widely praised for their thrilling live sets, and all hits no shits approach to album-crafting. In 2014 the band were longlisted for the 2013 Scottish Album of the Year award, alongside Frightened Rabbit and Edwyn Collins, and they are currently working on a third album.

Kid Canaveral are David MacGregor (lead vocals, guitars), Kate Lazda (guitars, vocals, synth), Scott McMaster (drums), and Rose McConnachie (bass, vocals). 



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