Randolph’s Leap are an eight piece band led by the infinitely charming and talented Adam Ross. Their songs are vibrant pop-folk numbers that have a heart-warming sound. The lyrics are funny and disarming, with Adam’s voice floating gently along in the manner of a seasoned storyteller. The songs feel a bit like pieces of peculiar poetry set to music and at times are reminiscent of works of Ivor Cutler. The choruses are addictive, from the anthemic 'I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore' to the world-weary 'Unnatural'. You get the impression the author knows more than he is willing to let on.
Randolph’s Leap have a brilliant and bustling live set with tight melodies that stand out and keep you hooked. The band have gone from strength to strength in 2014, coming out with their album Clumsy Knot on Lost Map in April and touring it up and down the UK over the summer, as well as making many a festival appearance. They’ve also received a lot of attention from radio, with praise from the likes of Vic Galloway, Marc Riley, and Steve Lamacq. 
Randolph’s Leap are usually Adam Ross (guitar/vocals), Iain Taylor (drums), Vicki Cole (bass), Andrew MacLellan (electric guitar/cello), Heather Thikey (violin), Ali Hendry (trumpet), Fraser Gibson (trombone) and Pete MacDonald (keyboards).