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MONOGANON is the alias of John B. McKenna, a skilfully diverse multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, who hails from Carluke, Scotland, and is currently based in Malmö, Sweden. His 2013 album, F A M I L Y, was our first ever release on Lost Map - a mesmeric collage of distorted guitars, layered vocals and synthesised noise, ambling and diverting across wide sonic terrain, simultaneously paving the way for the label's kaleidoscopic identity.

Inevitably, John was our first choice for the V I S I T A T I O N S project. The moment he arrived on the island, he threw himself into the experience full pelt, producing an album’s worth of material over the course of his week-long stay. We’ve collected four pieces for this vinyl release, which combine field recordings with programmed electronic patterns, ambient soundscapes and atmospheric textures. “One by one, the sands are flowing”



Physical subscribers will receive 3 EPs pressed on 12” vinyl, one from each of the artists who have taken part in Series 1 - Monoganon, Free Love and Slow Tree. The vinyl is housed in an extra-glossy sleeve, with a customised design by David Galletly, and an insert with artwork and photos taken by the artist during their stay. Each package will come with a CD copy (often with bonus tracks), as well as a printed postcard with download code for all the audio and photos taken during the project.

Digital subscribers will receive a printed postcard with download code for each EP package in the series, containing all the audio, and photos / artwork by the artist.

ALL subscribers have the option to join an exclusive mailing list which will contain up-to-date news on the project, as well as regular discounts on our live events and release catalogue.

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The Lost Map Podcast is presented by Pictish Trail, produced and edited by Joe Cormack.

In part 1, we talk a fair bit about John B’s name, the records he listened to during his teenage years, and his life in music - from his first early recordings, and ramshackle live shows, to the recording of his three albums. There’s also a good bit of chat about the legendarily unrelenting Glasgwegian metalcore monsters, Desalvo.

Part 2 is our follow-up interview, almost a year on from his residency on the Isle of Eigg, John B. McKenna - aka MONOGANON - reminisces over his experience for the VISITATIONS project. We discuss recording techniques, poly-rhythmic ratios and owls. All the good stuff.

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