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Slow Tree

SLOW TREE's blissfully somnambulant soundscapes are the work of Neil Hamilton Wilkinson and Abi Fry - two residents of the neighbouring Isle of Skye, and members of indomitable pastoral-rock titans, British Sea Power.

This final act in our first series of V I S I T A T I O N S captures the drawing light and darkened heavens of the mid-November mists under which it was recorded. Across four tracks of cinematic dream-folk, Slow Tree manipulate the natural reverb of the island’s caves, allowing hushed vocals, ethereal piano and sweeping viola to glide alongside the strains of swirling birds in song. “Let’s go on a journey to the last island of beauty”



Physical subscribers will receive 3 EPs pressed on 12” vinyl, one from each of the artists who have taken part in Series 1 - Monoganon, Free Love and Slow Tree. The vinyl is housed in an extra-glossy sleeve, with a customised design by David Galletly, and an insert with artwork and photos taken by the artist during their stay. Each package will come with a CD copy (often with bonus tracks), as well as a printed postcard with download code for all the audio and photos taken during the project.

Digital subscribers will receive a printed postcard with download code for each EP package in the series, containing all the audio, and photos / artwork by the artist.

ALL subscribers have the option to join an exclusive mailing list which will contain up-to-date news on the project, as well as regular discounts on our live events and release catalogue.

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Slow Tree Interview


SLOW TREE, aka Abi Fry and Neil Hamilton Wilkinson have a chat with podcast host Pictish Trail about their experiences as members of the band British Sea Power, their move to the Isle of Skye, and their time on the Isle of Eigg.

Abi & Neil had visited Eigg the previous year, in November of 2017, spending a week recording in Sweeney’s Bothy. The resulting songs capture the drawing light and darkened heavens of the late autumn mists under which they were recorded. This conversation was recorded on Thursday November 1st, 2018, via Skype - with Abi & Neil chatting from their home on the Isle of Skye, and Pictish Trail on the Isle of Eigg, Scotland.

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