01: Introduction to Lost Map and VISITATIONS

Pictish Trail, aka folk-pop musician Johnny Lynch, is a household name on the Scottish Isle of Eigg (although, to be fair, with a population of around 100 people, there aren’t many houses there). From Eigg, he runs a unique DIY record label and collective called LOST MAP, and has just started an exciting residency program called VISITATIONS - where artists are invited over to the island to record new music, in solitude. In this introductory podcast you’ll find out all about the Lost Map label, and the VISITATIONS project, and how you can get involved.

Episode Links

If you’d like to support the podcast, you can do so by signing up to VISITATIONS. Visit www.lostmap.com/visitations for details on our vinyl and digital subscriptions.

The music played at the end of the episode is ‘Receiver (Sunken Version)’ by Firestations. You can purchase the track, here: www.lostmap.com/postcards/postmap-209

Lost Map Podcast is presented by Pictish Trail, produced and edited by Joe Cormack.