02: VISITATIONS - Monoganon Pt.1

Pictish Trail chats with the first contestant in our VISITATIONS residency project, John B McKenna, aka MONOGANON.  We recorded this during Monoganon's stay on the Isle of Eigg, in July 2017. 

Monoganon is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Carluke, in Scotland - who relocated to Malmo, Sweden, about 6 years ago. After a series of mini-albums and singles, he self-released his first full-length album, Songs To Swim To, in 2011. His sophomore album, F A M I L Y, was the first official release on Lost Map Records in 2013, and was followed up by Killmens in 2017.

In this first interview, we talk a fair bit about John B’s name, the records he listened to during his teenage years, and his life in music - from his first early recordings, and ramshackle live shows, to the recording of his three albums. There’s also a good bit of chat about the legendarily unrelenting Glasgwegian metalcore monsters, Desalvo.


Visit Monoganon over here: http://monoganon.com/

F A M I L Y : http://lostmap.com/products/monoganon-family



We’ll be chatting more to Monoganon about his experiences on the island, and the EP he created for VISITATIONS in Episode 03.

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