03: VISITATIONS - Monoganon Pt.2

This conversation was recorded in late-June 2018, via Skype - with Monoganon calling from his home in Malmo, Sweden, and Pictish Trail on the Isle of Eigg, Scotland.

Having spent a week in sonic isolation, Monoganon reveals all about his experiences on the Isle of Eigg, and the music he created for VISITATIONS - which has just been released as a 12” vinyl EP, with an accompanying CD of bonus tracks. This podcast episode contains excerpts of the music, as well as the sound of soft vaping and a few stray lambs.

You can visit Monoganon over here: monoganon.com

If you’d like to hear the music Monoganon created in full, or simply support our podcast, you can do so by signing up to VISITATIONS. Visit lostmap.com/visitationsfor details on our vinyl and digital subscriptions.

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