04: VISITATIONS - Free Love Pt.1

FREE LOVE, cosmic duo Suzi Rodden and Lewis Cook, are a couple whose pulsating psychedelic odysseys have been emanating from Glasgow since 2013, via esteemed labels Night School, and the Optimo imprint, So Low. Formerly operating under the name Happy Meals, their transformation into Free Love is now complete, where hi-NRG Italo disco and 90s rave-pop thrills complement the undulating drones of their sonic and yogic experimentalism.

They beamed down to the island for a week, at the end of September til the beginning of October in 2017, just as the summer’s sun was beginning to set, and created a concept EP about being abducted by aliens. Analogue synths and drum machines come to life, taking possession of Free Love’s bodies, and creating a truly intergalactic entity. “Set the controls for the sun of your heart”. We’ll be chatting with the band, one year on from their experience, in our next episode.

You can visit Free Love over here: https://www.freelovenrg.com/ 

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